Empower Anyone on Your Team to Quickly Act on Data

When you notice a major change, like revenue dropped, your business needs answers fast. Comparative empowers you to get answers immediately with 100% accuracy, so you can take action with complete confidence.

Sounds too good to be true?

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The deterministic rules-based algorithm

The algorithm is not providing a simple recommendation, it's providing you the complete and transparent answer. The decisions our algorithm makes is easily understandable by humans. You can see exactly why each segment was excluded. No magical thinking or confusing blackbox AI.

"Comparative has made our analyst team 10x more efficient. We can stay on top of inbound requests with no querying, which frees us up to do more important but less urgent analysis that was never previously prioritized."

Diego Alonso Delgado Cáceres
Data Lead at Mino Games

"Comparative feels like magic. I have never seen an analytics tool deliver the level of depth of insights so quickly and with such simplicity. Everyone on our team is now an analyst. I feel like we just tapped into a massive competitive advantage in understanding and optimizing our business."

Ashley Higgins
CEO of Product Hunt

Product Features

1. Zero-Querying

No more SQL, complex formulas, or deep stats required. Comparative analysis is automated.

2. Drill Down UX

Comparative is completely comprehensive - it analyzes all of your data in seconds. Every segment, every metric, every user is explored. Our drill down UX means no insight goes unnoticed.

3. Trustable

Comparative surfaces every change that is statistically significant, excluding any outliers and correlations. All of this is visible and completely auditable.

4. Transparent

Comparative leaves an easy-to-follow papertrail. Anything Comparative produces you can reproduce in SQL. There is no black box magic or guesswork, just results.

5. Google Docs Style Collaboration

Comparative's collaboration tools allow you easily to comment and share reports. Teams can work together on a shared canvas to understand and discuss insights.

Comparative vs. Traditional BI Tools

BI tools are search-driven dashboarding tools - you have to know where to look and what to ask. Comparative delivers true analytics.

You don’t need to know where to look, or the right question to ask. The key insights that explain the “why” behind changes are automatically surfaced.

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Traditional BI Tools
Data Preparation
SQL editor + CSV uploads
Schema Editor
Live cloud data sources connect
Augmented data exploration
The most actionable factors surfaced automatically
Time series analysis + segment comparison analysis
Filtering and drill-down on any dimension
General BI
Visualizations and Dashboards:  ready to use
Visualizations and Dashboards: custom (search driven)
Coming soon
Collaboration Tools
Shared Canvas
Coming soon
Integration with communication tools (e.g. Slack)
Coming soon

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know the results are accurate?

Every segment we surface is replicable with a simple SQL query.

In addition, all of the segments are tested for statistical significance, outliers and relevance. So you won't see untrustable data. Comparative doesn't transform or predict your data in any way, it simply deterministically finds key insights.

How does Comparative find the right segments?

Our algorithm dynamically segments every row in your dataset set to find those with the most change. It then tests to every segment to filter signal from the noise. Finally it combines these in an easily digestible format.

Will Comparative work with my dataset?

Comparative is totally generic and will work with any modern dataset.

Does my data need to be complex for me to get value from Comparative?

No! Comparative is a good fit for any business that wants to make data-driven decisions quickly and confidently. We work with businesses across a variety of industries and can work with you to help gather the insights that matter most to your business.

Do I need to predefine segments in my ETL?

Not at all. Comparative will dynamically determine segments more accurately than if you predefine them yourself. However Comparative will work with whatever data you provide, so it will also work well with your existing predefined segments.

Does Comparative replace certain tools?

Comparative can be used alongside your high level dashboards. You'll check your dashboards for high level health monitoring, and Comparative will clearly explain any changes in them. Soon we will also help replace your existing BI software. Stay tuned.

How much does Comparative cost?

You'll get access to all of Comparative's core features as part of our monthly plan. Reach out to us for a quote.

Why should I use Comparative?

Comparative is transforming the way teams use data to make decisions. Instead of relying on multiple dashboards and manual investigations, Comparative surfaces critical insights automatically, and allows anyone at your company to easily monitor your metrics, get answers to questions and make decisions immediately.