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Comparative’s cutting-edge analytics platform gives your gaming company an unparalleled advantage to grow your business faster. Diagnose user behavior, revenue, and engagement data without the hassle of creating and filtering dashboards or writing queries.

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Discover Your Data’s Full Potential with Fast, Effortless Analysis

Comparative removes 99% of the noise from your data and automatically surfaces all the important factors driving changes in your key metrics. One dashboard, a few clicks, comprehensive answers.

Identify Meaningful Patterns
Reliably answer important questions like “how many ads will a player tolerate during a game session?” by establishing correlations and patterns from different types and sources in a single dashboard.
Analyze Player Behavior
Build engaging gaming experiences by deeply and immediately understanding adoption and retention trends.
Improve Monetization Strategies
From ad revenue to in-app purchases and subscriptions, easily uncover the most important segments driving growth.
Gain Unparalleled Insight into Your Data with Comparative
The gaming industry is rapidly evolving, with companies racing to stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on the vast amounts of data they are collecting. Unfortunately, existing solutions are unable to effectively handle the increasing volume of game usage data and responding to important behavioral trends.
Introducing Comparative: Our team of experienced gaming analytics experts have developed a first-of-its-kind solution to make it easier than ever to analyze and interpret large volumes of data. Our lightning-fast cache and advanced algorithms enable you to quickly identify trends and key behaviors so anyone can make informed decisions about user engagement, retention, ad revenue, game performance, and more. Let Comparative help you unlock the full potential of your gaming data.
"Comparative has made our analyst team 10x more efficient. We can stay on top of inbound requests with no querying, which frees up to do more important but less urgent analysis that was never previously prioritized."
Diego Alonso
Data Lead at Mino Games
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The data you track, dashboards you build, and presentations you share are only as good as their ability to empower your teams to make informed decisions.  Forget about tedious dashboard building and repetitive analysis - Comparative will enable everyone to quickly get the insights they need to make confident decisions.
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