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Unlock the full potential of your e-commerce data with live effortless analysis.

Easily and rapidly analyze and understand all of your data with Comparative- no technical expertise required.  All of the important factors driving your key metrics will be surfaced for you, so you can quickly and effectively engage with customers and create personalized experiences across all channels.

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Transform your e-commerce strategy with simple, powerful analysis that all team members can navigate.

Comparative removes 99% of the noise from your data and automatically surfaces all the important factors driving changes in your key metrics. One dashboard, a few clicks, comprehensive answers.

Personalize Customer Experience
Analyze website and customer segmentation data to create more effective personalized experiences for customers, such as product recommendations, tailored promotions, and loyalty programs.
Optimize Inventory Management
Track real-time sales and inventory data to better manage inventory levels and improve stocking decisions.
Improve Sales Conversion Rates
From identifying areas causing customers to drop off to improving ranking in search engine results and driving more traffic to the site, unlock more opportunities to grow your business.
Eliminate data silos and understand what’s most important with Comparative.
E-commerce is set to grow more than 12% each year through 2026. However, amidst rising competitive pressures and sky-high customer expectations, businesses need to more quickly understand what's driving key metrics and offer customers more personalized experiences. As data grows exponentially that has become increasingly complex and expensive.
Comparative’s platform brings together data from all you sources including web analytics, CRM systems, social media platforms, and more, to build a single comprehensive view of your metrics and customers across all departments, channels and devices. Every team can now understand what is driving their key metrics so you can create effective personalized experiences, optimize inventory management, or improve conversation rate (CR) and customer acquisition costs (CAC) at 10x the speed and simplicity of any modern BI tool.
"Comparative has made our analyst team 10x more efficient. We can stay on top of inbound requests with no querying, which frees up to do more important but less urgent analysis that was never previously prioritized."
Diego Alonso
Data Lead at Mino Games
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The data you track, the dashboards you build, and the presentations you share, are only as good as their ability to empower everyone on the team to make informed decisions. With Comparative, build a data-fluent organization so your teams make the right decisions, faster.
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