Unlock The 'Why' Behind Key Metrics Change Instantly

Comparative analyzes of your data in seconds and automatically surfaces every important insight in one simple user interface - no more creating hundreds of dashboards or waiting for answers.

Why Did Daily Active Users Drop This Week?

Comparative instantly uncovers the driving forces behind key metrics like revenue, daily active users, and churn. Gain insights into user behavior, preferences, and pain points and take immediate action. Join the ranks of data-driven product leaders and see the difference Comparative can make.

"Comparative has made our analyst team 10x more efficient. We can stay on top of inbound requests with no querying, which frees us up to do more important but less urgent analysis that was never previously prioritized."

Diego Alonso Delgado Cáceres

Data Lead at Mino Games

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"Comparative has totally transformed our analytics. We’re able to get answers instantly, that would take weeks of work from our BI tools. Almost everyone on the team uses it every day."

Ben-Zion Benkhin

CEO & Founder of Wombo

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See How Data-Driven Product Teams Use Comparative Everyday

Optimize User Adoption And Engagement

Comparative tells you which segments of your user base are having the biggest impact on product usage, engagement, and adoption metrics and why, so that you can prioritize the right efforts.

Stay Ahead Of The Competition With Data-Driven Product Innovation

Uncover deep insights into user behavior and preferences to help you identify new features and innovations that will resonate with your target users.

Unlock Key Insights Across All Company Functions

Analyze all your company data across product, marketing, sales and beyond in one single Comparative dashboard to holistically understand attribution and what truly drove changes in metrics.

Design Product Experiences That Delight Your Users

Gain deeper insights into user interaction and identify roadblocks to design solutions that simplify workflows, reduce cognitive load, and enhance the overall user experience with Comparative.

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