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Why did Revenue drop by 10%?

Getting answers usually involves days of back and forth with analysts, combing through dashboards, and writing queries - often to no result.

Data analysis shouldn’t be this hard. With Comparative, it’s not.

Comparative automates data analysis. Our algorithm analyzes your entire dataset in minutes so that, with just a few clicks, you can understand exactly what happened and why. It’s simple to use, comprehensive and accurate. A Comparative dashboard is equivalent to hundreds of hours of manual analysis.

It has taken a team of founders, analysts, and engineers years to develop an algorithm this effective.

Instant and Effortless Analysis

Comparative empowers anyone on your team to quickly act on data - no data science degree required.

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One Intuitive Interface

Using a single dashboard you can analyze your data with just a few clicks. View your key metrics’ performance and continuously drill down to investigate the details of what changed and why. Any person on any team in your company can use Comparative.

Automated Analysis

Forget human error and complex queries, Comparative does it all for you by analyzing all of your data so that nothing is missed. Every segment, every metric, and every user is explored to automatically filter out the noise and reveal accurate results.

One Click Exploration

In just a few clicks, drill down into each metric to investigate the details of what changed and why, with complete accuracy. Comparative empowers anyone on your team to make data driven decisions.

You can make informed business decisions with complete confidence.

Our partners receive answers:






not 10 days



need for more hires


drill downs inside every metric

Easy Setup

Our simple and intuitive setup tools means you will can deploy comprehensive insights across all your data to every team member in a single day.

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Connect your Data

With easy integration into any data warehouse simply connect your data source to your Comparative account.

Define your Data Schema

Configure your data schema using Comparative’s automated setup tools. You can define your dimensions and metrics yourself, or Comparative can set it up and walk you through it to make any modifications.

Customize your Dashboards

In a few clicks you can create and customize your dashboards with the key metrics you would like to analyze and the results are instantly displayed.

Comparative is the essential ingredient missing from your data stack

How data savvy is your team?

Data Analytics

Comparative's Automated Analytics Engine Replaces Data Analytics and Data Transformation Tools

Data driven organizations use Comparative every day

"Comparative has made our analyst team 10x more efficient. We can stay on top of inbound requests with no querying, which frees us up to do more important but less urgent analysis that was never previously prioritized."

Diego Alonso Delgado Cáceres

Data Lead at Mino Games

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"Comparative has totally transformed our analytics. We’re able to get answers instantly, that would take weeks of work from our BI tools. Almost everyone on the team uses it every day."

Ben-Zion Benkhin

CEO & Founder of Wombo

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