Perform Analysis 10x Faster
at a Fraction of the Cost

Comparative analyzes your entire dataset and removes 99% of the noise so anyone on your team can identify the key factors driving changes in company metrics in just a few clicks.
One dashboard, a few clicks, comprehensive answers.

Sounds too good to be true?

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Why did


drop by 10%?

Getting answers usually involves days of back and forth with analysts, combing through dashboards, and writing queries - often to no result.

Data analysis shouldn’t be this hard. With Comparative, it’s not.

Comparative automates data analysis. Our algorithm analyzes your entire dataset in minutes so that, with just a few clicks, you can understand exactly what happened and why. It’s simple to use, comprehensive and accurate. A Comparative dashboard is equivalent to hundreds of hours of manual analysis.

It has taken a team of founders, analysts, and engineers years to develop an algorithm this effective.

How It Works

Comparative empowers anyone on your team to quickly act on data - no data science degree required.

With current BI tools, you need to know what questions to ask. Comparative shows you the questions you’re supposed to be asking and gives you the answers - automatically, and without the need for a data team. This is the future of analytics.

Connect to Any Dataset

Comparative will work with any dataset, including complex and messy data, and integrate with any cloud or customer data warehouse.

Automated Daily Dashboards

Our algorithm will analyze your entire dataset each day to deliver a comprehensive dashboard. Each dashboard is the equivalent of hundred of hours of manual analysis.

One Click Exploration

In just a few clicks, drill down into each metric to investigate the details of what changed and why, with complete accuracy.

You can make informed business decisions with complete confidence.

Our partners receive answers:

minutes, not 10 days
need for more hires
at least
drill downs inside every metric

Key Features

1. Simple Setup

You don’t need a data team or extra engineering resources to get started. Our team will get you integrated in less than one day.

2. Zero Querying

No more querying, complex formulas, weird terminology, or deep stats required. Any person on any team in your company can use the tool.

3. Comprehensive

Comparative analyzes all of your data so that nothing is missed. Every segment, every metric, every user is explored.

4. Dynamic Segmentation

You don’t have to predefine segments to get results. Comparative will automatically partition your data to most accurately represent the change.

5. No Black Box AI

Using AI to analyze data means you have no idea why it chose to show the results. Comparative uses a completely transparent algorithm, so you can see the exact reason each segment was excluded or included.

Making critical decisions with and without Comparative

Do it yourself

or with Traditional BI (Tableau & Mode)

With Comparative

Find Resources

Find Resources

Takes a day or two

First, you go to your team of analysts or data scientists, if you have them, and they are already backlogged with a list of reports and tasks.

Takes no time

Access your Comparative dashboard immediately, and click on the metrics you need to investigate.



Takes a day or two

Look through all of your dashboards, and if you have analysts, they hypothesize the main drivers and run SQL to validate or rule out each hypothesis.

Takes minutes

You instantly see all the factors contributing to the change in the metric uncovered for you.

Validate Results

Validate Results

Takes a day or two

Check that each analysis was valuable - that it was statistically significant, there were no outliers, it wasn’t just correlation, and the query was bug free.

Takes no time

Comparative validates every segment as part of the algorithm, so every insight is trustable.

Comparative is the essential ingredient missing from your data stack

How data savvy is your team?

Comparative's Automated Analytics Engine Replaces Data Analytics and Data Transformation Tools

Visualization of Comparative's Automated Analytics Engine will provide you with Data Analytics and Data Transformation

Not data savvy, no problem!

You don't need a sophisticated data stack or team of analysts. All we need to start producing your Comparative dashboard and surfacing the most critical insights is...

Access to your data
The key business metrics you want to track

Data driven organizations use Comparative every day

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"Comparative has totally transformed our analytics. We’re able to get answers instantly, that would take weeks of work from our BI tools. Almost everyone on the team uses it every day."

Ben-Zion Benkhin
CEO & Founder of Wombo
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"Comparative has made our analyst team 10x more efficient. We can stay on top of inbound requests with no querying, which frees us up to do more important but less urgent analysis that was never previously prioritized."

Diego Alonso Delgado Cáceres
Data Lead at Mino Games
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